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Donations & Fees

Diploma & Degree Programs


Certificate Programs

Application (one time) Fee: $20.00

Diploma Courses: Totally FREE

Credit hours earned in these program will not transfer to an undergraduate degree program.

 Undergraduate Department:

Bachelor of Theology (192 credits including internship-5 credits)

Application (one time) Fee: $20.00

Whole Undergraduate Degree- $900. (full) or monthly pay of $132 (including charges ad taxes) x 8 months=$1,056.

Graduate Department:

Master of Divinity (72 credits including a thesis-8 credits)

Application (one time) Fee: $20.00

Whole Graduate Degree: $1,000. (full) or monthly pay of $135 (including charges and taxes) x 8 months = $1,080.

Postgraduate Department:

Doctor of Ministry (48 credits including a doctoral dissertation-10 credits)

Application (one time) Fee: $20.00

Whole Postgraduate Degree:  $1,200. (full) or Monthly pay of $160 (including charges and taxes) x 8= $1280

Other Fees:

Official Transcript Fee: $5.00

Returned Check, declined credit/debit card Fee: $25.00

Thesis/Dissertation Fee: $400.

Graduation/Diploma Fee: $100.00

Honorary Degree Donation: $500/award


Textbook costs vary with the courses taken, and are not included in the tuition.

Payment Policy

All tuition, fees and other required expenses aforementioned are payable at the time of registration. All students are required to fulfill all of their financial obligation at the time of registration unless a tuition payment agreement between the student and American Bible Seminary have been made prior to registration.

 Refund Policy

Refunds for Credit Courses:

In case of a withdrawal after registration, a written request from the student is required (the dates will be determined from the first day of class and the date of the request to withdraw from a class) to receive a prorated refund of his or her tuition.

     Week 1 – 80%

     Week 2 – 50%

After the third week, no refund is given because commitments of the seminary have been finalized.

Non-Refundable Fees:

Application fees are non-refundable.

Tuition, fees, and other expenses are subject to change without notice, and are due the beginning of each session. Every effort is made to keep students expenses as low as possible.


American Bible Seminary is not eligible for its student to receive Federal grants, funds, or any government loans for tuition purposes.