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1. What is the American Bible Seminary?

We are a church based and distance or online training center for Christians who desire a biblical, theological, missiological and pastoral education, but do not have the time or resources to attend a seminary program.

2. What is the Goal of the American Bible Seminary?

We are dedicated to the purpose of training and educating persons for Christian service. Jesus Christ is the center of all our objectives. Our Mission Statement says it all:

“We exist to educate, equip, and validate those pursuing a deeper knowledge of God and their relationship to Him. We accomplish these goals by providing relevant biblical, theological, missiological, psychological, and pastoral education  to those engaged in a journey towards Christian maturity.”

3. What kind of studies does the American Bible Seminary offer?

We offer online studies at the certificate level, and higher degrees. Most of our courses involve the student, the provided study guide, and a Bible with some other basic resources — such as a Bible Dictionary and Bible Handbook. We include the E-Sword Bible software program with each certificate course that will give the student everything that he needs. After we accept your enrollment we will direct you to our Online Campus where you can download your syllabus, e-books and lectures. You can also watch videos and listen to podcast (depending on courses).

4. How difficult are the courses and how much time is involved?

The certificate programs may include long tests or research papers. However, some courses such as mission and pastoral studies have required papers. The basic procedure involves opening your Bible and finding the answers to the written study questions. The questions are designed to force the student to understand the intent of the biblical authors. Some study guides have True/False or Multiple Choice quizzes at the end of the lesson, but most simply ask you to search the text to find the answer. The Bible is our textbook, but we also encourage students to read other sources. The studies are time-intensive and can be completed quickly. The idea is not to just “get it over with” but to allow the text to speak to learner and equip him for ministry. However, to encourage learners to study harder, we require them to finish each course at least in one month. For the higher degrees, studies will depend on the professors. We  might also evaluate your credentials such as past academic and theological studies, mission and ministerial experiences, residential and online studies to be credited towards completion of your degree.

 5. What is included in the course materials?

 When the student enrolls for certificate programs, he will receive syllabus, e-books and lessons necessary to complete his program along with the complete Bible Study Textbook commentary series (Over 20,000 pages of Commentary covering the entire Bible!).  The courses are all written in Adobe Acrobat and MS Word formats, so we have included a link to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program in case he doesn’t have it. We have also included the Bible software program that will have all the tools you he needs for research. We will also give him the access to our online libraries (14 online libraries and still growing). In other words, we supply everything he could possibly need (he will need to acquire his own computer!). Degree students can finish their courses through the guidance of their professors. They will be given syllabus with books to read.

6. How does the process work?

 After we receive your application, pertinent documents and enrollment fee, we will e-mail the student an acknowledgement of his enrollment usually within 7 days from the time he orders, and he will receive his confirmation letter with his username and temporary password for our Online Campus or we will guide him where to sign up for our Online Campus so that he could start his education. We advise him to only work on one subject at a time. It is best if he writes his answers in a word processing document (MS Word) and send it to his mentor as an e-mail attachment for faster processing and/or upload in our Online Campus system. That way he can keep his originals and save the cost of postage. Students will receive a certificate of completion once he is completed in his course Once he has earned  all required credits for his course we will send him a quality certificate suitable for framing acknowledging the completion of his work. We will keep track of all his progress in our office and have a transcript of all your work. 

 7. How about if our pastor/leader or our church/organization wants to have tie up with your school? 

 To answer that please visit “Tie ups” page here.

 8. Is the American Bible Seminary an accredited school?

 Yes. Our former name was American Bible School and it was accredited by NAABCS. Our accreditation is religious accreditation from NAABCS (North American Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries) and granted on June 26, 2012. On Nov 30, 2014, NAABCS granted us full membership.  Since we are new seminary we will try our best to comply with all necessary requirements as a seminary.

9. What is the doctrinal position of the American Bible School?

We are an evangelical school. Our student body and faculty are interdenominational, international, and inter racial. Check our Articles of Religion in the”Beliefs” tab in this website. 

10. Can I transfer in credits for advanced standing?

Yes, if your former school has same curriculum like us, and we have same beliefs.  If you want to transfer your credits, submit your scanned Official Transcripts of Records, official catalog of the school, and official site of the school. 

11. Do you offer traditional residence classes?

Our courses are only offered as online education. However, students in the same place or locality may assemble and study together.  We also extend our seminary to churches in the different countries. We are open for partnership with churches or para churches.

12. How long does it take to complete a course?

That is entirely up to students. Some students complete a certificate program every month or less. It can be done even faster if he is motivated and have the time. We do expect the entire certificate program to be completed in a maximum of one year (most complete it in less time). Of course, degree programs will depend on the length of each program.

13. How do I enroll in a Certificate Program or Degree?

 Click here to enroll in our programs

14. When are the Certificates issued?

We will send your certificate via email within a week of completion of your studies. If you need paper copy of your certificate, you need to donate $30 for shipping and packaging expenses.

15. What is the cost of tuition and fees?

The cost of the entire certificate program is FREE. However, you are encouraged to DONATE US$20 upon enrollment. For degree programs, CLICK THIS.

16. If after I enroll I decide not to complete the study program will you issue a refund?

 Since our courses are FREE for now, this question is not applicable. Your donation of $20 will be used for our educational mission. Concerning the degree programs, in case of a withdrawal after registration, a written request from the student is required (the dates will be determined from the first day of class and the date of the request to withdraw from a class) to receive a prorated refund of his or her tuition.

     Week 1 – 80%

     Week 2 – 50%

After the third week, no refund is given because commitments of the seminary have been finalized.

 17. What if I have other questions not addressed here?

 Just open a new ticket on our Support Center:

 18. After I finished my course or degree, can you give me ministerial/academic jobs?

 ABS is just a training institution and we are not giving jobs to our graduates. However, our sponsoring church, The Open Church of Jesus Christ, is always looking for ministerial volunteers to help them in their church planting activities all over the world. You may want to contact them HERE.

19. After my degree can I apply for ordination?

ABS is not ordaining pastors, but you can inquire in this NETWORK.

 20. Do you credit life experience?

 We might credit your life experience, but we only consider mission and ministerial experiences for degrees. Send us your comprehensive resume.

21. I have already finished my theological education, can I teach with ABS?

Sure! However, we accept only those instructors with Masters degree, preferably with pastoral and/ or academic experiences. Further, at this time, we cannot afford to pay our instructors, thus, we only accept those who want to serve gratis et amore. If you want to pursue a career with us, CLICK THIS LINK AND FILL UP OUR ONLINE FORM.

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