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The American Bible Seminary, formerly American Bible School, was founded by Rev. Dr. Sergio E. Arevalo, Jr. in 2010 to serve the needs of those who are not able to pursue a Bible College degree, but still have a desire to learn as much as possible in their pursuit of biblical, missiological and pastoral knowledge. Through the advent of the internet Rev. Arevalo sees the potential for a whole new era in biblical, mission, and pastoral studies via distance or online education.

We have built a team of dedicated Christians to work with you as you move through the certificate and degree programs. We will do everything that we can to help you become the person God has created you to be.

The following Mission Statement sums up our desire to assist you as you grow in spiritual maturity:

We exist to educate, equip, and validate those pursuing a deeper knowledge of God and their relationship to Him. We accomplish these goals by providing relevant biblical, missiological and pastoral studies to those engaged in a journey towards Christian maturity.

Founder and President:   Rev. Dr. Sergio E. Arevalo, Jr.


1. Rev. Ricardo F. Ramos II 

2. Rev. Lancer Nalathambi 

3. Rev. Dr. Phoonsri Thanyawasin 

 Textbook writers for the New Testament lessons:

1. David Padfield
2. Audie McKee
3. Rob Harbison
4. Gary Henry
5. Darrell Reyman
6. Jeff Smith

Textbook writers for the Old Testament lessons:

1. David Padfield
2. Rob Harbison
3. Jeff Asher
4. Earl Lanning

Textbook writers for Mission and Theological Studies:

1. Rev. Dr. Sergio Arevalo, Jr.
2. Rev. Prof. Richard Ramos II

If you are dedicated pastors who have talents in writing and/or teaching; and you want to join in our academic team, communicate with us! Here’s the online form for those who want to join our volunteer team.

Got more questions? Just open a new ticket on our Support Center HERE.

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