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Good news to churches, organizations, clubs, schools, leaders and pastors! Now the American Bible Seminary is open for partnership with churches, organizations, clubs, schools, leaders, and pastors that are involved in Christian Education and discipleship.

The ABS will conduct residential and online studies combined in the mission fields through the help of the sponsoring group and the Satellite Dean. Courses and Degrees may be offered to the satellite campuses. Online faculty will be able to teach their students online through our online campus.

The sponsoring body must pay the affiliation fee of US$300 to ABS. The return of investment will be through the payment/donation of local students. The sponsoring body and ABS shall discuss further the apportionment.


(1) The sponsoring church/organization shall be responsible for the venue (classrooms and office), and hiring at least one professor with masteral degree in theology or biblical studies. An existing school/seminary is more qualified to be our partner. Sponsoring school must be registered in the country where it is located.new3

(2) The sponsoring church/organization must select a qualified manager whom the ABS will appoint as Satellite Dean.




(1)  Satellite Dean serves the ABS in voluntary basis—meaning he will not expect any honorarium or salary from the ABS. He can receive honorarium through the donation/payment of the students.

(2)  The Satellite Dean is responsible for managing and marketing the ABS in his community. He will guide students to enroll online or through a hard copy that he provides to them. He shall follow up the students in the completion of their studies.
(3) The Satellite Dean makes schedule for classes.
(4) The Satellite Dean or his designated treasurer will receive payments from local students, so that collectively he could remit them to ABS in California. Local students may also pay online through our Paypal Button. For those who cannot pay through Credit Card or Paypal they may use the International Money Order or Western Union (No personal checks outside USA).
(5) The Satellite Dean shall put up a banner or signage outside their church/school something like this:

American Bible Seminary (_____ Satellite Campus)

 (6)  The Satellite Dean shall make sure that each student is officially registered and paid with the American Bible Seminary to receive their Certificate of Completion or Degrees after their studies.

(7) The Satellite Dean shall prepare and lead the graduation or commencement exercises. Graduation pictures from groups may be posted in our site.

Got more questions? Just open a new ticket on our Support Center HERE.

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